When to do it yourself and when to hire a pro

When designing your website, think of the goal of your company and the statement that you want to project to the current or potential customers that you come in contact with. But deciding whether to design the site yourself or hiring a professional web designer to do the job for you is a decision that should be based on several factors.

First, if you are not comfortable with using computers then you might as well forget about making your own site. Carefully consider you or your employees level of expertise in web technology. By and large, the decision whether to do it yourself or not comes down to your skill and the features that you want or need, the amount of time you have to spend in building the website and the impression that you want to project for your website.

It is highly recommended to read and learn about graphic designs before venturing into designing your own site. Even if you decide to hire a professional it is still beneficial for you in a long-term sense if you have knowledge of graphic design. You will be able to communicate better and more effectively with your designer and it will help you organise your ideas and present them in the image that you want to your target market.

Designing the site yourself can be more budget friendly for you. Nothing can be more affordable than pulling up your sleeve and doing it yourself. Likewise, doing your own site can give you instant fulfilment. It is often nice to be in control and once you succeed you can pat yourself on the back for a job well-done.

But if you really cannot do the job yourself, hiring a pro to do all or part of the job can be a good idea. Your designer will know how to organise your content and information, stir up certain feelings and thoughts, add and arrange your graphics to clearly and effectively communicate your message and allow your viewers to focus on the important things in your site.

Make sure though to communicate with your web designer or web developer exactly what you need to achieve. Do not be bothered by the cost. Remember its not always about the money. If you already have an established company, you should seriously consider hiring a professional web designer to make sure that you maintain your image and present it professionally on your website. A good designer will not only want the best for you and your business. They will live off long-term relationships and offer you good service on your every transaction with them. So don’t think of the service provider but think of the long-term partnership.

Michael Russell

I work with you to use my 12+ years of experience in website design, Wordpress development and digital marketing to boost your bottom line. My passion is not only creating beautiful looking websites, but getting your business found and growing it online.